Entree & Donburi


( Rice, Salad and Miso Soup Included)

Chicken Teriyaki   17.95

Salmon Teriyaki   19.95

Bulgogi (Beef marinated in K-BBQ Sauce)   19.95

Bulgogi / Chicken Teriyaki Combo    20.95

Tempura / Chicken Teriyaki Combo     19.95

Tempura / Bulgogi Combo   20.95

Tempura / Salmon Teriyaki Combo   20.95

Assorted Tempura Dinner   17.95

Shrimp Tempura Dinner   17.95


( Miso Soup Included)

Mixed Sashimi Don (Assorted Fishes Mixed with Special Sauce over Sushi Rice)   26.95

Spicy Tuna Don (Spicy Tuna over Sushi Rice)   28.95

Unagi Don (Fresh Water Eel Over Sushi Rice with Sauce)   28.95

Chirashi (Assorted Fishes over Sushi Rice)   36.95

Kid's Menu

Chicken Teriyaki    9.95

Salmon Teriyaki    12.95

Bulgogi (Beef Marinated K-BBQ Sauce)    12.95

Udon with Bean Curd Sushi    9.95

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